Glass fiber wallpaper, the ideal wall finish

What is glasviber?

 This kind of wallpaper is made of fine glass fibers. The glass fibers are woven in a special way. Then pressed until there is a huge fine and strong wire mesh. Glass fiber wallpaper is available in 1 color, the color neutral white. This is easy to paint over so you end up a unique and warm atmosphere creates that meets your own needs.


What types of glass fiber wallpaper?

 We offer you  3 different types of glass fiber. Normal wall finish in 8 different structures, levelling wall finish in 3 different structures and the insulating wall finish in 2 structures. We also have 4 special design motifs in 6 different colors.


Why glass fiber?

No recurring cracks up to 5 mm. Equalization of existing base, insulation of your walls and ceilings, washable, scratch and impact resistant, paintable  several times, fire retardant.